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3pcs/set Matcha Tea Set

3pcs/set Matcha Tea Set


The entire matcha set is crafted by all natural bamboo. Nontoxic varnishes or other chemicals were used. A vegetable oil finish has been adopted to enhance its durability.
Fine workmanship
The fine craftsmanship make the tea set in simple but elegant appearance, smooth surface and good hand feeling, ergonomic handle is more comfortable to grip and operate.
Perfect Matcha Set
The tea set can help you make a cup of delicate fragrant matcha with silky smooth flavor. The whisk can produces the best crema and froth. The scoop measures the perfect amount of tea powder. The spoon is for stirring your matcha when it settles.
Easy to clean
The high quality makes it sturdy and durable. They can be easily cleaned after use. Just washing them by running water or warm water, keep them air dry until using again.
Great gift
The Matcha Tea Set can be presented to your love one as a beautiful and useful gift, which allows them to prepare the most naturally beneficial drink, enjoy a healthy lifestyles.

1 whisk

1 scoop

1 spoon

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