This is our ultimate starter collection 9 different teas from across our extensive range. Something for every taste 

9 x 20g pks of loose leaf Tea
1 ball infuser
10 filters

SIMPLY SPEARMINT-premium dried spearmint leaves

SWEET DREAMS - Chamomile,  rooibos, lemon balm, lemon verbena, linden flowers, anise, cinnamon,  oat straw, hops, passion flower,  orange peel.

DARK FRUIT PUNCH - Hibiscus,  elderberries,  dried black currant, apple, blueberries, cornflowers and natural flavours.

SPEYSIDE ALL DAY - Luxury Black tea blend

SWEET CHERRY AND ALMOND -  Luxury Black Tea, Cranberry Pieces and natural flavouring. MAY CONTAIN NUTS

DUCHESS EARL GREY - Luxury Black Tea,  Orange Pieces, Cornflowers, Rose Petals, Lime Leaves and Natural Flavouring

LEMON AND LIME GREEN - green tea, dried lemon peel, sweet lime pieces, natural flavours 

GIN AND TONIC GREEN - green tea, white tea, juniper berries,  cucumber slices, coriander seeds, liquorice root, lemon pieces, cardamom and rosemary leaves

JASMIN BLOSSOM GREEN - green tea and jasmine petals

Sweet Dreams is quite a fine tea so we've added filters fine enough for this tea as the standard infuser may not be suitable.

♥ Tea packed in 20g resealable bag
♥ Makes around 80 -85 cups of tea depending on your brewing preference